Tax planning for entrepreneurs, inheritance and wealth management

By “tax planning” we understand the taxpayer’s lawful efforts to reduce the taxes. In case there are available regulations enabling the taxpayer to choose the legal construction best aligned with their economic purpose, opting for the most advantageous tax strategy cannot be labelled as “tax evasion”. Tax planning is becoming an ever more widespread instrument of increasing the business profitability.

Tax planning is becoming a crucial factor while making business decisions as well as an ever more widespread instrument used to increase business profitability.

By “tax planning” we understand all taxpayer’s lawful activities aiming to reduce the taxes. In case of regulations creating various legal constructs for the taxpayer to choose, selecting the most favourable tax strategy cannot be deemed as “tax evasion”.

We have unique expertise in drawing up transparent and safe vehicles allowing our Clients to manage their assets and secure the process of succession. Our main focus is to make the best use of the available financial resources.

Our team of Specialists provides custom-made solutions in terms of choosing the optimal legal form and structure of the business for individual investors as well as entrepreneurs looking for external financing in order to grow.

We also advise on the transformation and reorganization processes of the existing ventures, using both national and foreign tax planning instruments.

When advising both Private and Corporate Clients, we use safe investment vehicles, including Alternative Investment Funds and closed investment funds.

Within our consulting entity - Family Office, we advise on the private asset management process and accounting, we support service coordination and prepare risk and trend analysis in order to regulate and secure private and family assets. Moreover we help our Clients prepare intergenerational transfer plans and fulfilling of long-distance financial goals.