Corporate law and commercial contracts

Among our Clients are financial institutions and companies – both private and public. Each and every one of them is offered a comprehensive corporate legal service.

KRWLEGAL provides complex legal advice to entrepreneurs, including family entrepreneurs. Among our Clients are both private and public financial institutions and companies. Our lawyers support them in formation, transformation and liquidation of their companies as well as counsel on all spectrum of corporate cases, by providing support to the corporate bodies, preparing drafts of corporate documents, including resolutions, shareholders’ agreements, cooperation contracts, and supporting our Clients in meeting regulatory requirements, also by preparing effective mechanisms concerning personal data protection and prevention of money laundering.

We also prepare entire corporate documentation and support our Clients in processes of restructuring, merging and dividing companies.


In our corporate law practice we always seek to consider the large picture of our Client needs, which is why we support them on issues related to succession as well as represent them before the court in regulatory or administrative proceedings.