Investment funds, venture capital and private equity services

Offering the right piece of advice to the fund managers on any subject crucial to their business activity is what we are the most proficient in. Whether the Client wishes to be granted the fund manager’s licence or is in need of a regular legal support, we are of assistance.

We have always been considered market leaders in advising investment funds and investment fund managers in all aspects of their business activities.

We provide complex legal advice to investment funds and investment fund managers starting from the early stage of their licensing proceedings aiming to obtain permit to conduct business activity. We help them establish and operate all kinds of investment funds that exist in Polish market - open-end (including specialized) and closed-end  funds dedicated to wide range of participants, as well as dedicated funds, established to achieve business targets by using all possible investment policies e.g. real estate investment, asset securitization, actively managed funds, private equity and funds of funds.

We advise on establishing and operating of both Polish and foreign investment funds. Our team has broad experience in the notification procedure to allow foreign investment funds, including those established in Luxembourg, to operate in the Polish market.

Our lawyers have successfully obtained for our Clients permits to operate specific classes of assets for the third parties, including companies managing investment portfolio of the non-public asset funds and entities operating securitized liabilities of the securitized funds.

We advise entities distributing the titles of participation of both Polish and foreign investment funds as well as support investment fund managers in meeting the regulatory requirements of establishing such distribution networks.

We represent investment funds and investment fund managers in proceedings with the regulatory authorities, including in particular the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), as well as in any legal dispute concerning investment funds.

We support our Clients in venture capital and private equity investment operations and advise both venture capital and private equity (VC/PE) investment funds in all legal aspects of their business activity.

Having extensive experience gained through the years we are able to help our Clients solve any legal issue at all stages of the investment process – from fund formation and selecting optimal legal form and business structure, fundraising, through analysis of legal status of potential investment and financing sources, preparation of transactional and regulatory documentation, preparation of corporate governance principles, effective operations of investment projects (including reorganization and restructuring), to investment exit strategies (public exit via IPO or exit to strategic investor). We assist in transactions in both public and private markets.

Transactions which have been led by our venture capital and private equity operations Team included investment projects of complex structure, which required expertise and extensive experience in different areas of law. We are not only able to provide our Clients with complex legal advice but also show them the full picture of their investment, also from tax and accounting perspective.

We offer full support during company formation, its business operations and further development, using advanced legal tools to secure intangible assets and copyrights, preparing contracts with subcontractors or assisting in commercial contract negotiations.