Financial institutions and capital market regulations

As a law firm we focus on the regulatory matters of the capital market.

We are a law firm highly recognized for our expertise in the regulatory matters related to the capital market supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). Our team provides legal advice on laws and regulations related to public trade of securities, operating of investment companies, asset management entities, depositaries as well as other market participants including brokerage houses and issuers of securities.

We have extensive and unique experience regarding organization and operation of investment companies and investment fund managers in Polish market, from the early stage of their licensing proceedings aiming to obtain permit to conduct business activity or specific activities restricted under Polish law, through their everyday activities, product portfolio creation, implementation of innovative solutions or conclusion of variety of transactions with their participation as a party to the transaction or intermediary.

We advise capital market institutions as well as their clients on all topics related to compliance, including supervision of operational compliance with the law, internal control and risk management as well as personal data protection and mechanisms concerning prevention of money laundering.

In terms of product portfolio, we support our Clients in creation of out of the box financial products in accordance with requirements of both Polish and European legislation, in particular MIFID and AIFMD directives, as well as advise on sales and distribution channels for such products, having in depth knowledge about possible compensation schemes of distribution services, including so called MIFID incentives.

With regards to issuers and other capital market participants, we provide legal advice on issuance of securities to public trading, market operations, transacting significant block trades and reporting duties resulting from such transactions as well as on the legal requirements of the shareholders of public companies.

We offer our Clients complex advice on capital investments as well as on issuance of debt financing including in particular debt securities and bonds.

Our specialist team has extensive experience representing our Clients in proceedings with the regulatory authorities, including in particular the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK).