Banking and finance, securitization and capital investment services

We efficiently provide our Clients with full-scale legal services of the financial experts on our team.

We provide our Clients with full spectrum of legal services related to financing activities, including in particular project financing, real estate acquisitions and merger and acquisition of companies.

We support our Clients in all legal aspects of capital investments. Our team of experts specializes in financing of the early stage ventures, syndicated loans, international credit agreements as well as in refinancing of debt and transactions involving securitized debt. Having extensive experience in the above matters, we are able to assist in converting illiquid liabilities held to banks and credit institutions to cash obtained as the result of issuance of securities secured by these liabilities (securitization).

We provide legal help in all banking activities and represent banks and other credit institutions in proceedings with the regulatory authorities.

Within the scope of our legal service we also support our Clients in topics related to running lotteries and gaming/gambling industry as well as represent them in proceedings with tax authorities.