Set a right course with us

KRW Legal is an independent law firm composed of highly-qualified lawyers, adept at understanding the Clients’ point of view. Effective attending to the Clients’ needs is what we excel at.

KRW Legal does not only scratch the surface of the problem. We throw ourselves completely into the underway projects and deliver much more than just legal advice. We are ready to guide our Clients irrespective of circumstances.

Availability and receptivity to the Clients’ ideas is what we pride ourselves on.


As a law firm we focus on the regulatory matters of the capital market. We offer advice as regards the regulations pertaining to:

- public trade of securities,

- functioning of investment firms and asset managers (compliance included),

- admission of securities to the public trade,

- acquisition of substantial number of shares and discharging of the ensuing reporting duties,

- fulfilment of the duties ascribed to the public companies’ shareholders, issuance of debt securities, notably corporate bonds.

We have a broad experience representing our Clients in dealings with the regulatory authorities, in particular the Financial Supervision Authority and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.


Offering the right piece of advice to the fund managers on any subject crucial to their business activity is what we are the most proficient in. Whether the Client wishes to be granted the fund manager’s licence or is in need of a regular legal support, we are of assistance.

We represent the fund managers and the investment funds in the administrative proceedings before the Financial Supervision Authority. We act on behalf of our Clients in any legal dispute in connection with the investment funds.

We render counselling services to those who run the venture capital/private equity investments. We make sure that the VC/PE investment funds’ legal interests are at all times sufficiently protected.


By "tax planning" we understand the taxpayer’s lawful efforts to reduce the taxes. In case there are available regulations enabling the taxpayer to choose the legal construction best aligned with their economic purpose, opting for the most advantageous tax strategy cannot be labelled as “tax evasion”. Tax planning is becoming an ever more widespread instrument of increasing the business profitability.

We have an unique expertise in drawing up clear and safe vehicles allowing our Clients to manage their wealth and secure the succession. Our focus concentrates on making the greatest use of the available financial resources. Whether for an individual investor or for an entrepreneur looking for external financing our expert team ensures a custom-made, perfect choice of the business form and structure.

We also offer advice with respect to transformation and reorganization processes of the existing undertakings, employing to that end local and foreign instruments for tax planning.


Among our Clients are financial institutions and companies – both private and public. Each and every one of them is offered a comprehensive corporate legal service. Our lawyers impart their knowledge on the founding of companies, their transformation and liquidation. We counsel in corporate cases, provide an extensive support for the corporate bodies and draft proper documents (e.g. resolutions, shareholders’ agreements, cooperation contracts).

We counsel and act for the Clients in the court and administrative proceedings.


Whether you dispose of a business or plan to purchase one (or their organized sections), we provide you with an inclusive legal service. We render assistance to the Clients and represent them during transfer of the shares. The scope of our activities covers performing legal analysis in the framework of envisioned transaction, taking on due diligence projects and supplying advice on business restructuration.


Our strength lies in a close acquaintance with every legal aspect of the real estate trade. We handle purchase of commercial, industrial and residential real estate and their subsequent management. We support you whenever a legal analysis on a given real estate is required, a sale/rent/lease/works contract has to be drafted or a project of infrastructure development is in need of coordination. We process lease transactions of the office space and act on your behalf in dealings with the public administration, should an appropriate permit is necessary for your business. If your project is aimed at becoming a property developer, we can make it get off the ground. The same applies to launching intricate ventures involving infrastructure.

The counselling we offer is designed to accompany the Clients on every step of the deal. We carry out the due diligence on the real estate in question as well as on the risk entailed in its purchase. Then we take care of the legal framework of the negotiations and draw up all the required documents and contracts, double-checking all the minutiae.

The legal assistance we render encompasses the organization of construction process and applying the investment scheme to the real estate market.


We efficiently provide our Clients with full-scale legal services of the financial experts on our team. Their unrivalled competence lay in the financing of projects, acquisitions of real estate and takeovers of companies. Remarkably skilled in regulatory matters and at debt restructuration, they take on a proactive consultative role in negotiating the terms and conditions of syndicated loans, international credit agreements as well as the refinancing of debt and transactions involving securitized debt.

As a law firm we have developed a high proficiency in asset securitization. We are of valuable assistance with a proper carrying out of any banking operation, we also act for the banks and other credit institutions in proceedings initiated by the supervision authorities. We are a trusted advisor on running lotteries and gaming/gambling.

We ably represent our Clients in dealings with tax authorities.  


Whether your problem is a matter for individual or collective employment law, we effectively ensure that it will be treated with the utmost commitment and careful attention. We successfully handle social insurance cases and participate in legal disputes concerning employment issues.

Our Clients receive advice and guidance on the proper signing, termination and alteration of employment relationship and business management contracts.

We are very knowledgeable about takeovers of the employers as well.


We guarantee quality service on each stage of the proceedings before every court and administration authority, courts of arbitration included. If necessary, we act already before any formal complaint has crossed the court’s threshold.

Should the Client accepts mediation, we are glad to serve a supportive role in promoting their interests.

We are equally resourceful problem-solvers at negotiations, especially when stalemate may be at hand.


We provide legal services to FinTech entities and companies planning to use financial innovations in their operations, with particular emphasis on regulatory requirements. We offer advice including comprehensive legal support in the field of asset tokenization, secondary trading in such assets and also the use of blockchain technology by capital market entities. As a law firm we have an unique expertise in the area of preparation or modification of the legal and regulatory structure in the field of crowdfunding activities. We represent FinTech entities before regulatory authorities as well.

We comprehensive support startups at every stage of development. We advise on regulatory strategy, optimal legal structure, support the negotiation of contracts with investors, and develop full internal and external documentation regarding an innovative service or product.


We offer advice with the financing infrastructure projects connected with the issue of debt, in particular municipal debt, and also the restructuring of existing liabilities arising from infrastructure projects. We consuel on financing infrastructure investments on a project finance basis, also with the participation of private capital. Our activities covers all stages of project management and comprehensive support in raising capital.